Powertalk Nelson-Waimea was chartered 47 years ago April 1976 as Waimea Toastmistress Club:  we are and will always be Toastmistress based.  Over the past 46 years we have had a couple of name changes from Toastmistress to ITC to POWERtalk International and now to Powertalk New Zealand.  Toastmistress, a world-wide, non-profit organisation, was founded in 1938 to provide professional coaching in effective speaking and presentation skills.  

Our principles have always remained the same throughout the 41 years – training in communication, effective speaking and to encourage confidence building – with a worldwide Motto: to use our language with grace and facility.

Nelson-Waimea Club is a small, warm and friendly club that will help you to gain valuable skills in the spoken and written word and to have fun in doing so.