The Challenge

The Challenge: “Powertalk is one of life’s most exhilarating challenges: the improvement of the individual. It is the development of the individual person which is emphasised throughout clubs all over the world. This international organisation and network of clubs recognises that boundless possibilities exist for you today and throughout your future.”

“The power of communication exists.”

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The Benefits of Powertalk Membership:

  • Public speaking and Presentation Skills.

  • Membership presents an opportunity to practise speaking skills and the use of visual and speaking aids. Confidence is encouraged with constructive feedback and evaluation. There is also the opportunity to present to a wider audience through participation in National and international meetings.

  • Accreditation. Our multi-level, flexible format provides a disciplined and graduated growth path.

  • Short Courses presented by accredited trainers impart practical and intensive training in all aspects of speech and presentation delivery.

  • Leadership Skills, meeting and parliamentary procedure vital in business and the community.

  • Conference and Event planning are another skill set you can acquire through hands on involvement in local, national and international conferences and functions.

Why Powertalk in particular? "It's simple - Powertalk changes lives."